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Dermatology and cosmetics



We at Lumiere Dermatology, Cosmetics and Laser provide high-quality services to our clients. Our insistence on success drives us, and because one of our goals is lofty and we strive to achieve it, which is “highlighting your beauty.” We would like, in one way or another, to “draw a smile” on your face. We care about your appearance.
Lumiere works to highlight your beauty

We welcome you with love so that you can highlight your full beauty with us
In both our branches and with the best dermatologists and beauty specialists

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Some cosmetic and therapeutic cosmetic cases for reviews from the Lumiere Dermatology and Cosmetic Department

Our clinics are comfortable to welcome you with love and to provide our best service

Our female doctors provide you with everything related to therapeutic and cosmetic medicine On a daily basis, with important information in every way Regarding cosmetics and beauty

 services in Lumiere

Skin care services:
Peeling skin

Skin whitening treatment for sensitive areas

Deep skin cleansing

Skin care and acne removal services

Deep facial and skin treatment


derma services
Filler injection
Botox injection

Plasma injection

Treatment of dark circles under the eyes

Chemical peeling

Mesotherapy injection

Cosmetic threads

Frequency Radio


All types of peeling and pigmentation treatment

Laser services:
Laser hair removal

Tattoo removal with laser

Skin whitening

Renewal of skin layers

Laser lip augmentation

Carbon laser


Fractional laser to remove pimple marks

Hair removal with cooling system

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